Acer Aspire S7

March 2, 2013
By Chau Herng

The Acer Aspire S7, released around November last year, was one of the laptops that acted somewhat as promoters of the new Windows 8 Operating System, and sports a new ultabook design solely for it, instead of being upgraded to Windows 8 from the previous 7 OS. It has a very thin body and also as a result quite light. It is also naturally quite smooth and cool-looking due to its width, and though the thin body might seem to be unable to have powerful processing units built into it, it actually has a option to have a built-in high end Core i7 Intel processor, which can, being an i7, handle multitasking and resource-heavy computer tasks. IF the price for the i7 model is too expensive, then a cheaper i5 model can be purchased.

Main features include a 13.3 inch touch-screen display – common for Windows 8 laptops as Windows 8 is touch friendly, and the display has a fairly high resolution of 1920 x 1080. The resolution is also a part that contributes to the Aspire S7′s premium price, but it is a premium ultrabook for serious work, though the Windows 8 tile interface is hated by some. As for connectivity options, the Aspire S7 is rather limited, with only 2 USB 3.0, standard SD card slot and a microHDMI port, which is troublesome if you do not wish to carry a adapter for connectivity with HDMI and VGA output.

Overall, the Acer Aspire S7 is a good choice for those looking to purchase a premium notebook for on-the-go content creation and heavy Photoshop work, though there are many other choices for consumers who find the Aspire S7′s premium price tag difficult to swallow.

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