Ah Boys To Men 2

February 13, 2013
By Yun Ting

Jack Neo’s biggest hit-Ah Boys To Men continues, and the main character Ken Chow, starred by Joshua Tan, returns to NS (National Service) with a whole new attitude-a determination to do his best to serve the nation. At the same time, the film is now concentrated on the platoon mates. Problems like Wayang King’s bullying by his platoon mates and IP Man’s breakup with his girlfriend which led the crew to one problems to another with choices to be made and friends to be respected.  The values presented in the movie can also be used in your life, just maybe in the correct time not the wrong. This movie is definitely one you shouldn’t miss and be prepared to laugh!

Watch:Ah Boys To Men 2 Trailer, Ah Boys To Men 2 Theme Song

-”A touching and inspiring film by Jack Neo which will leave you laughing till you cry!”

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