Assassination Classroom (X_X)

March 6, 2013
By Choon Cheng

Tentacles, world destruction and the near destruction of the moon. All of these will befall on the shoulders of one person, a speedy mach-2o, demigod like, intelligent killing machine, Koro-sensei. Yes, a sensei(japanese for teacher), you didn’t hear anything wrong, he is a teacher. A monster who teaches his students efficiently and brings them to their utmost performance. Koro-sensei has actually proposed to the world government that he will not destroy the earth until a year after at March if the government allows him to teach at a school called Kununigaoka Middle School in the class 3E. In Kunnunigaoka Middle School, the students of 3E are despised by the entire school as they are considered the lowest of the lowest but behind the scenes they are being trained as assassins as they are the ones with the closest chance to killing Koro-sensei. As the students are quite depressed by how they are despised upon, they are rather attracted by 10 billion yen bounty on Koro-sensei. The two new teachers who entered their class are professional assassins that are now teaching them about assassination skills. But as the story progresses on the students are starting to like the teacher more and more despite still plotting against him.

Now, on to the main character, Korosensei. He is quite a humorous and interesting character perhaps like a gag character mixed with shounen. He has a habit of changing his face patterns according to his emotions, like how white and green stripes means mockery or green or yellow means being emotionless or happy. He is also a person who holds dear to his promises as he never tried to hurt his students and protected them even if it costs his life as he promised the government that he will not hurt them by any means. He also likes octopuses a lot too as he always tries to input octopuses into the student’s work and even claimed that him being called octopus is a very nice compliment to him. Furthermore, although he seems like a character without any weaknesses, he does have some petty ones as his students tries to make note of it.

Do look on to see the progress and if the students can succeed or fail!

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