March 6, 2013
By Yi Peng

Bearbarians is an arena combat game and you are a animal with a team. This game has the basic block, shoot and hit keys. This game has a twist since the animals are using guns instead of bows as they are usually portrayed with.

You are able to buy weapons, hats and armour. All of these items can be bought in the stall. The items increase your stats such as speed, health, melee so on. The main stats in this game are Health, Speed, Melee, Ranged and Critical. However, some of the item decrease your stats.

The criticals do not just apply to the melee weapons but also apply to the ranged weapons. However, they do not call it criticals but instead calls it head shot.

In this game, there are many game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and much more. There may be one or more teams fighting you at once and it is a challenge to survive. You are able to use four different classes to survive, Scout, Bruiser, Medic, Mage. These four classes have their own abilities.

The scout is a class which is faster than the others. He has a rifle which shoots at a normal speed and deals normal damage. The damage of the scout is the highest than most other classes.

The brutes are slow but have a lot of health and defense. The brutes also have a shotgun which shoots two bullets at once and a melee attack with normal damage. Even though they are slow, they are a tank class mainly used for preventing the enemy from capturing points, taking objectives and so on.

The medic is a healing class. He does not have a melee attack but instead has a syringe which heals others. The syringe heals a fixed amount and depends on which class you are. However, the medic has a way to defend himself. He is able to use a gun and deal low damage.

The mage is able to shoot fireballs which deals high damage to others, besides that, the mage has a teleport which is able to teleport him away when trouble arises. The downside to the teleport is that the mage does not have a shield, the mage also has the lowest melee damage in the game.

You also have a team and you are able customize them with the items you have bought. They can wear hats, clothes and weapons, which also gives them additional stats like you. You are also able to command them to attack or defend the area.

This game requires a mixture of strategy and quick reaction times. It is a good mixture of both and is entertaining. However, there is a bug which I found out, when you make many of your allies defend the same area, the enemies will walk around the same spot. Besides all this bugs, it is a very exciting game.

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