Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

July 19, 2013
By Chia Xin Rui

Let me warn you, this game has some gore content. This game is a top-view shooter, and a multi-player game so I suggest that you invite your friend to play with you, though the game requires both to share a single keyboard. So basically, this game gives you a pistol and puts you in an arena to fight zombies. Sounds easy right? Well you are wrong,  as when you set it to easy mode it may seem like a piece of cake. But as wave after wave of zombies come, it gets tougher and tougher.

Even the normal and the other higher difficulties pose a certain level of difficulty for me. You would probably think that it is just a bit harder. However that’s not true as it gets a whole lot harder. Each wave of zombies increases in number and if you allow devils to spawn in the settings, they shoot around 5 to 7 fireballs at you.

So now you would probably say well why this game then? The answer is although the game is so hard, they also have settings to the opposite end. It allows you to set things to the player’s favour, like disabling friendly fire, devils off, changing the game speed and choosing the number of rounds. To me, I think you should play on nightmare difficulty and the speed normal, the rest is whether you want a challenge. This is because this way allows you to get more weapons at the start, but when you die no matter what difficulty it is, you are still left with only a pistol. (the higher the difficulty, the more weapons you get) But don’t worry, you can still get those weapons back by collecting red boxes either dropped by enemies or spawned in at regular intervals.

As for the weapons, to name a few, there is the rocket launcher, grenades, explosive barrels and many more. Some of the game arenas available are Boxy, Buttons, Mazey and a lot more. The characters don’t change the attributes but are only for visual changes.

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