Cambridge Audio Minx 200

August 16, 2013
By Jia Le

Cambridge Audio Minx 200 is a wireless speaker that is compatible with both Airplay and Bluetooth and comes along with a bass extension and produces stellar mid-range sound. It has a quick guide that takes you through a process of setting the player on a wireless network. The Cambridge Audio Minx 200 player does not have a screen, but you can use its web interface to connect to your wireless network. On top of the Cambridge Audio Minx 200 there is a row of buttons. There are five buttons on the left side of the player that provide shortcuts to internet radio stations, on the right is the power switch, volume controls and ‘X’ button which enables analogue auxiliary input and also features a Bluetooth button. Other devices can’t connect when it is playing music, and this is good as it prevents interruption. This wireless speaker also supports Apple’s AirPlay audio streaming standards, as well as Bluetooth, which gives the user a lot of flexibility when they are connecting to their devices. It is easy to pair the Minx 200 to a phone via Bluetooth, it is also good that we can use our phone easily when someone call us. It also has a standard Bluetooth range of 10 metres before there’s are any audible cut-outs in sound. It is easy to pick out vocal performances, and instruments that have similar range also benefit. Although the bass has plenty of presence , it is still very good for a wireless speaker. Although overall this is a wireless player but it has a very poor and complicated app, such as the app not having volume control and it is difficult to change stations. The price is $600. Overall, I think this is a very good wireless player but it has a low-quality application to come with it.

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