Cover Orange

June 19, 2013
By Yi Peng

Cover Orange was the first of its kind, it set a trend that other games continued to follow. Cover orange’s basics is simple and easy to play.

The basics of Cover Orange is to use the items that you are given to make a cover for the oranges. The only way to win the level is to save the oranges. If the oranges die, you lose the level. The items can consist of boxes to barrels and many more. After all the items have been placed, a grey cloud will come over and drop balls that will destroy your orange when touched.

The levels are very creative, they range from just simple gears in mid air to catapults. Some levels involve you using the items you are given to launch the orange to other areas, other levels have just simple items which may involve complicated processes to finish the level. In the later levels, it gets more complicated and harder in the later levels. You will have to take a longer time to think and complete the levels, some levels need you to hit the objects at a certain angle to complete the level.

This game is a classic and has made a lot of games the way they are. It is a fun and interesting puzzle element and the physics are neat.

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