January 8, 2014
By Yun Ting

Featuring the voices of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, “Frozen” is a meaningful musical and adventurous comedy that talks about the power of true love and the courage to face up to one’s fears. It depicts a young princess, Elsa, who has a secret only her parents know about. She loves her sister dearly and the two have a close relationship together. However, Elsa makes a mistake with her powers which harms her sister, Anna, unknowingly. Since then, she shuts herself out from the world for fear that she would harm others accidentally.  Her sister who is kept in the dark from Elsa’s secret powers, begs Elsa to play with her in the snow again but Elsa refuses and leaves Anna in isolation throughout the remaining of her childhood. Unfortunately for the two, their parents pass away in an accident on a boat trip.  Elsa is more determined to protect her only sister from harm by isolating her. When Elsa is of legal age to succeed her father from the throne, she picks up her courage to hide her powers by not feeling. The palace is open to all and commoners are excited to visit the Queen and princess. On her succession day however, Elsa explodes during an argument with her sister about her marriage with a stranger whom she just met. She uses her powers and frightens everyone. She escapes and Anna tries to find her, thus embarking on an adventure with a snowman and mountain man. Later, she gets hurt by Elsa again, this time on her heart. She also gets betrayed by the man she almost married. Will she believe in true love again and will it save her life?

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