Fun Run

July 19, 2013
By zining







Fun Run is a racing game featuring cute animal characters.

There are a few power-ups in the red box in-game.

Examples include

Behead opponents in-game ,shocking enemies,throwing a weapon known as a sawblade ,Punch-in-a-Box, pulling other enemy characters towards you, Speed Boost, Invincibility for 6 seconds & protection from a single enemy attack .

Let me introduce each of the power-ups

Behead opponents – This is a power when you can cut your enemy character to make him slow down

Shocking enemies- This is a very good power that uses a thunderbolt-like attack to shock all your enemies

Sawblade- Throw this sawblade and you can hit the person in front you but this is a dangerous power as if you are not careful you may injure your own character.

Punch-in-a-box Punch back your enemies

Pull others toward you- This is a magnet that can pull other charcters back

Speed Boost- This is a power that can make you run faster than others

Invincible for 6 sec- You will be invincible in this 6 seconds when people use powers on you and you will not sustain any damage

Absorb one hit- This is a power where you can escape a hit from other players.







The game character will move by itself and you have to just tap a jump button

You can also chat with your friends in the game.

First to Third players who reach the end will receive coins to buy decorations in-game.

You have 2 ways to play

Example :

1) Find Random Person in the game to play with you.

2) Add your friends username and when she/him accept your friend request , you may start the game with him.

This game can only have a maximum of 4 players at any one time.

Have fun with your friends!!


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