Google Chromecast

August 2, 2013
By Chau Herng

The Chromecast is a new wireless video dongle developed by Google that’s priced lower than Roku and Apple TV, but does have flaws in several vital areas as compared to the more expensive streaming options that are available currently, but reception of the Chromecast was quite good, with the Chromecast getting sold out within weeks of its original release. Due to the low price, which is one of the Chromecast’s biggest selling points, it generated much hype and the promotional offer of free 3-month Netflix(not available in Singapore) in other countries boosted sales even more.

Features of the Chromecast include streaming from Netflix and Youtube, with a Android OS or iOS mobile device functioning as the remote. Android OS users in particular get additional Google Music, Google TV and Movies access over iOS devices. It can also mirror the Chrome browser on Mac and Windows, thus allowing for viewing of episodes on the respective websites of TV networks such as CBS and Fox, etc. It, however, lacks applications dedicated to running other services such as Amazon Instant, Spotify, HBO Go etc, and this is probably due to the low price, and thus cannot compete at the same level with the premium Apple TV and the like.

Overall, the Chromecast is a video streaming device suited mostly for dedicated Google fans and is one of Google’s best media receiver products currently, though the Apple TV and Roku boxes would probably be more attractive in terms of features and functionality than the Chromecast.

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