Gun Mayhem

March 8, 2013
By Yi Peng

An action shooter, Gun Mayhem brings a ton of fun. Shooting while trying to dodge oncoming bullets from others is a tough but interesting challenge. Unlocking weapons, many game modes and customisable controls, what more can you ask for?

The basics of this game is blasting your opponent off the map, you are able to do this in a number of ways such as shooting them, using explosives to knock them away and throwing your pistol at them.

There are many guns in this game which you are able to unlock and get as crates within the game. At every level, you usually start out with a pistol, which you are able to choose from six different pistols, the cool pistol, the sand hawk, sine pistol, angry cow, fifty eight and snake. All the guns vary in ammo and power. However, there are snipers and shotguns which say ‘sniped’ and ‘pwned’ respectively. These guns are able to knock you very far away and fly off the map.

The missions and game modes are interesting. Some missions involve you to fight against one enemy while others are a bit more interesting. One of the level involves you fighting against an invisible enemy which you have to use your perception skills to tell where the enemy is. There are many game modes such as one hit one kill, death match, team death match and a few others.

Besides that, there are powerups that may drop on levels. There are also crates which spawn and they have random weapons that you have unlocked inside. You simply walk over the boxes to get the gun, and they will also show the ammo for the gun at the naem tag. After each level, you are able to earn weapons or perks. The weapons are gotten by the method stated above while the perks can be accessed and changed before the level. There are a total of nine perks and six of which are unlocked at the beginning.

There is a co-op system which allows you to work with your friend to finish a level which is difficult for you. You and your friends are also able to play a multiplayer mode which has a max of four players. You and your friends are able to fight against each other with the different game types and weapons you have unlocked. The only downside to this is that the keys are put at a weird angle, however, this is easily fixed by going to options and changing the keys.

An interesting game mode implemented in this game is the gun game. It involves you shooting your opponents off the edge to kill him which gives you a better gun. However, if you use up all the ammo in the gun, you will get the previous gun you have had before.

This game is a game that you would have the most enjoyable experience from when you are playing with your friends. The many game modes make this game easily one of the better flash games.

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