Infectonator 2

November 12, 2012
By Yi Peng

Do you like evil world domination, like the first Infectonator? Then you can relive the moments with Infectonator 2. More zombies, more infecting, more fun.

For those who have not played the first Infectonator game before, this game is about using zombies who are at your bidding to dominate the world. You will be able to spread a virus to all the humans to infect them and make them zombies. There are many special zombies that you can buy and most of them are references. There is a zombie called gigsaw, a reference to SAW and one of them is an evil Ronald McDonald. There are also a few supports, such as mines, grenades and some others. You are also able to upgrade your zombies so that they can have more lifespan, infection rate and more.

To totally decimate a city, you must finish all the challenges in the city and infect everyone. There are 4 challenges in each city. There are different types of challenges, but most challenges are time challenges and money challenges. Challenges that are finished are green and with a skull while those that are not finished are red. You have to finish the level in a certain time and collect a certain amount of money. Money is dropped when a human is either killed or infected. The money can be used in many aspects such as buying zombies, upgrades and traps. The icon for a decimated city is circled in the picture.

Humans have weapons and will be able to fight back against the zombies. They will shoot any zombies that they see, until they have died another time. Some humans will have more health and be more resistant to your attacks, eventually, humans will wear hazmat suits and be immune to the infection. When an infection is underway, more humans like the police, FBI and army will appear.

The zombies are computer controlled and are not under your command in any way. You only are able to use a click and spread the virus. The virus appears as dots and they go in 4 directions from your mouse click, up, down, left and right. If you buy zombies in the shop, you can spawn them in on battle to aid your normal zombies.

Now about the zombies tab, you are able to buy zombies and upgrade them. Certain zombies cannot be bought unless you unlock them. In order to unlock them, you must finish certain cities. The city must be totally destroyed and decimated, there must be no humans left and all challenges must be finished. Zombies can be deployed in the field and are usually the pieces that turn the tide in the battle. They have more power against the humans and can deal more damage and have special abilities.

There are also traps, they can kill humans fairly easily and usually in one shot. The first two traps are killing humans. The first is a grenade which you are able to “throw” with a mouse click, they will show the area of effect(AoE) of the explosion as show in the picture.

The second is the mine trap, it is spread out across a certain radius and humans who touch it will trigger it, zombies do not trigger the trap and the explosion does not affect them. The traps also show a dark circle which says the area of where the mines will drop.

The third trap is goo. It slowly kills humans who walk over it but when they die, they have a chance of turning into a zombie.

Upgrades for zombies are shown in the picture below

The four upgrades at the bottom of the screenshot from left to right are:

1. Penetrate People

2. Penetrate Walls

3. Coin Magnet

4. Extra Virus

Penetrate people and walls are as the name suggests allowing your virus to pass through walls and people. The coin magnet allows a further range of money pick up while the extra virus provides you with more virus to use.

There are also six other upgrades:

1. Lifespan

2. Speed

3. Damage Resistance

4. Attack

5. Infection Chance

6. Virus Direction

Most upgrades in the game is needed in order to allow to survive longer, move faster, resist damage, have a much higher damage and have a higher chance to infect humans.

For the virus direction, you first start with four sides, north, south, east and west. However, if you upgrade, you are able to shoot north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east.

There are many more zombies to be unlocked if you finish the game, there are boomers, which explode when touched and premium zombies will be unlocked.


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