iPad Mini

August 30, 2013
By Jia Le

Apple’s iPad Mini is something like a shrunken-down iPad or a larger iPod touch -powerful and small. It is a compact reader for documents, magazines, movies, game, editing or creating.The iPad Mini is good for gaming, such as FPS games and racing games, though it does not have a Retina display. The good thing about the iPad Mini is that it easily fits into your pocket. It also has a video recording quality of 1080p and high quality FaceTime calls. There is a case for the iPad Mini called Smart Cover, it has 6 different colours and  it can be used as a stand or a keyboard riser. The iPad Mini has includes a Lightning cable and an AC adapter, which is a smaller version that the iPhone 5, Apple’s earphone, which is not included. The two are cross-compatible. No larger AC bricks is needed. Apple claims 10 hours of  the battery life of the iPad mini and 9 hours of battery life when using LTE. That’s equal to the claim of fourth-gen iPad’s battery life. Some people which tested the device claim that it can last 12.1 hours of video playback, which is incredible for such a small tablet. It has the same storage options as iPad fourth-gen: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. On the LTE version it has GPS, enabling the turn by turn navigation on the go. The iPad Mini has 1 year limited warranty. The lowest price of the iPad is $329. My thoughts on the iPad Mini is that i think the tablet is very unique and attractive due to its performance and premium feel as well as its lightness and small size, thus making it easy to fit into pockets and handbags.



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