Katekyo Hitman Reborn

March 8, 2013
By Qi Zhi

A classic manga and anime that is one of the best in the 2000s. The manga by Amano Akira started serializing in 2004 and quickly gained popularity due to its unique storyline. It starts with Reborn, a infant hitman who tells Tsunayoshi Sawada that he is chosen to become the Tenth Vongola Boss. Tsuna reluctantly accepts Reborn’s training(or rather he was forced to undergo them) and unconsciously becomes stronger. Along the way, he makes new comrades that he can count on like Gokudera Hayato, Yammamoto Takeshi and Hibari Kyoya. They form his Vongola Family and as the manga progresses, they each develop their own abilities and their own bond with Tsuna. The storyline flows naturally with the many arcs including revelation of the bloody history of the Vongola and its early beginnings.

This manga is a definite must read and do watch the anime also. It is a pity that this amazing series has recently ended last year, but the series still prove to be one of the most popular reads ever, with the franchises still going around. The characters may be making a cameo in Amano’s new series though it is still unheard of when the series will be serialized, but do continue to support Amano Akira!

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