Klipsch – Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones

August 29, 2013
By Chia Xin Rui

The Image A5i Sport In-Ear headphones is lightweight and can withstand tough workouts. It is moisture-resistant so that you do not have to worry when it rains or when you sweat. The ear hook design ensures that it stays on your ear and also feels very secure. The new customizable flex-wire design allows the earpiece to fit comfortably in your ear.

Its patented oval ear tips still create a seal for superior noise isolation and the three-button microphone and remote system keeps it simple for you to use. It also comes with a clip to hang on to your shirt to prevent the kevlar-reinforced wire flying everywhere. Its KG 25 drivers deliver big sound that covers a wide range of sound with amazing detail.

I feel that this headphones are very sturdy and can handle really vigorous activities. Although it may be moisture-resistant, I highly recommend you not to throw it into a washing machine or swim with it. It may be sturdy but it still can’t withstand everything. This is most likely suitable for running sports or bicycle riding.


Photo courtesy of: www.ovation-av.com

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