Maplestory – Dual Blade Revamp?

January 16, 2013
By Marcus

The long awaited dual blade is back! MapleSEA players can now create dual blades again after the long removal. Of course, its not only just back, its far more powerful than before! The following are the CHANGES of the skills made :

Dual blade : First job.
Changed from job 1.5 to 1: Side Step: Passively increase your base avoid by 15%. (master level: 10)

Changed from job 1.5 to 1: Sharp Slash: Quickly slash up to 3 enemies in front of you for 330% damage. (master level: 20)

Changed from job 2 to 1: Flash Jump: Jump once more while in the air. As the skill level increases, the distance moved will increase. (master level: 10)

Self haste has been moved t0 job 1.5 from 1. Disorder, double stab and nimble body has been removed.

Dual blade: Job 1.5.

  • Moved from job 1: Self Haste: Increase your speed by 40, jump by 23 for 200 seconds. Passively increase your maximum speed by 20. (master level: 10)
  • Moved from job 2.5:Tornado Spin: Dash forward and use a powerful spin attack to inflict 380% damage on up to 6 mobs while rushing them. If this skill is level 15, it can be used with level 10 or higher Flying Assaulter. (master level: 15) Dash effect has been removed, skill can be activated straight away.
  • Triple stab has been removed. Blade booster has been moved to 2nd job.

Dual Blade – 2nd job.

Moved skill from job 1.5: Blade Booster: For 200 seconds, increase the speed of your blade by 2 stages. (pre-requisite: Level 5 Blade Mastery) (master level: 10)

  • CHANGED SKILL: Fatal Blow: master level has been decreased from 30 to 20, damage has been increased from 85% to 94%
  • CHANGED SKILL: Slash Storm: number of attacks has been increased from 2 to 3

Dual Blade (2.5)

  • Moved skill from job 3: Flying Assaulter: While in the air, quickly dash down and attack up to 8 monsters for 165% damage 4 times  with a 20% chance to stun for 6 seconds, while rushing them. You must have 120% or higher jump to use this skill. If this skill is level 10 or higher, you can use it with level 15 Tornado Spin or level 20 Bloody Storm. (pre-requisite: level 10 Self Haste) (master level: 20) [requires mastery book at level 5]
  • CHANGED SKILL: Flash Bang: chance to blind monsters has been increased from 80% to 90%
  • CHANGED SKILL: Upper Stab: damage has been increased from 240% to 300%, amount of monsters hit has been increased from 6 to 8, additional damage to monsters in the air has been increased from 70% to 80%
  • Tornado Spin moved to job 1.5

Dual Blade (3)

  • NEW SKILL: Shadow Evasion: Increase your dodge chance by 30%. If you dodge successfully, increase your attack by 15 and have a 100% chance to hit critical attacks for 1 second. (master level: 20) [requires mastery book at level 10]
  • CHANGED SKILL: Advanced Dark Sight: additional damage when using an attack in Dark Sight has been increased from 10% to 20%
  • CHANGED SKILL: Vital Steal: maximum health possible to regain has been increased from 15% to 20%
  • CHANGED SKILL: Bloody Storm: master level has been increased from 10 to 20, damage has been increased from 225% to 265%, number of attacks has been increased from 2 to 3, increases Tornado Spin and Flying Assaulter’s damage by 20%
  • CHANGED SKILL: Mirror Imaging: master level has been decreased from 30 to 20, duration has been increased from 180 seconds to 200 seconds
  • CHANGED SKILL: Chains of Hell: damage has been increased from 85% to 105%, now has a 20% chance of stunning the enemy for 4 seconds, Dark Sight is no longer required.
  • Flying assaulter has been moved to job 2.5.

Dual Blade (4)

  • NEW SKILL: Fatal Venom: Increases the effects of Venom. There is a 50% chance of inflicting a monster with Poison when attacking. Poisoned monsters will take 160% damage every second for 8 seconds. Poison can stack up to 3 times. (pre-requisite: 20 Venom) (master level: 10)
  • NEW SKILL: Blade Expert: Passively increase your accuracy and evasion by 15%, your attack by 30, and your mastery by 70%. (pre-requisite: level 20 Blade Mastery) (master level: 30) This gives a great boost to dual blades as mastery was previously not included.
  • CHANGED SKILL: Final Cut: HP consumption has been decreased from 20% to 10%, invincibility for 1 second after used. Also, damage bonus has been changed from 40% to 60%. This change has been good as well, as dual blades have low hp. The reduction of HP may lead to death after using final cut.
  • CHANGED SKILL: Blade Fury: Now hits 8 targets instead of 6. Number of hits increased from 3 to 4 and damage per line is now 150% instead of 165% , with 20% of defense ignored. (still a boost)
  • CHANGED SKILL: Mirror target: HP has been increased from 12,000 to 20,000, now absorbs 20% of the damage you take while it is summoned
  • CHANGED SKILL: Phantom Blow: damage has been increased from 105% to 200%, amount of a monster’s defense ignored has been increased from 20% to 30%( This is seriously the best boost ever. Phantom blow being the main bossing skill has been doubled, plus additional mastery and final cut damage, making dual blades overpowered)
  • CHANGED SKILL: Sharpness: minimum critical damage boost has been increased from 20% to 25%
  • Monster bomb has been removed.
    That’s the end to the dual blade revamp, this highly potentialed job would be over populated soon enough.


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