Microsoft Surface RT

January 23, 2013
By Chau Herng

The Surface RT is Microsoft’s has attempted at creating a tablet running Windows 8, the platform shared by PCs, laptops and tablets alike. Microsoft have spent around S1.5 billion in marketing for the Surface RT, and so therefore the Surface RT must validate Microsoft’s high expenditure. When the Surface RT was first unveiled in June last year, reception towards the Surface RT was unanimous in their praise towards it.

Specifications of the Surface RT include the body’s magnesium chassis, a kickstand built to the back of the display and keyboard accessories. The kickstand opens at the angle of 22 degrees and even produces a nice sound when opening and closing it. Keyboard accessories for the Surface RT include the Touch Cover and Touch Keyboard, both of which can increase the Surface RT’s capability as a productivity machine to varying degrees. However, both accessories are not included with the entry-level package.

The Surface RT runs on Windows RT, a “lite” version of the normal Windows 8 OS due to limitations in hardware capabilities. It also includes Office RT to further deliver its promise of being a portable productivity machine.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface RT can do most basic productivity tasks but not processor-heavy tasks such as Photoshop due to hardware and compatibility issues, and therefore is not recommended for large-scale workstation productivity levels.

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