Minecraft 1.4.7 update

March 13, 2013
By Meng Rong

Minecraft 1.4.7  came out on the January 9, 2013. The major bug fixed the bug which is when you join a server, and leaving it, then trying to connect to any server which crash the game under certain conditions. Also bugs for bold letters taking a lot of space are fixed along with the bug which servers crashing when an arrow shot from a dispenser hits a mob or player with Thorns enchant on their armor. Consequently, they fixed the multiplayer crash when using fireworks without a fireworks star. Lastly they fixed the lighting of the redstone torches. Overall, some major crashes was fixed and now all players can play with ease without their game  or servers crashing on them.


Photo Courtesy Of: Planetminecraft.com, Wordpuncher.com

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