Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

January 25, 2013
By Chau Herng

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was released by Electronic Arts in 2010. It features abilities such as being able to play on both sides of the law, a racer or a cop, Hot Pursuit has received much praise during its launch and has being considered a remarkable shift in focus from simulation to arcade-style racing. However, this change has been for the better, and the game was given many prestigious awards, thus increasing the game’s popularity.

Criterion Games developed Hot Pursuit, and as a result transferred some of the Burnout pedigree into Hot Pursuit, such as having nitro boosts charged with reckless driving styles, takedowns at speed and simple drifting controls. Thus, Hot Pursuit’s difficulty level is at an entirely different level when compared to Need For Speed SHIFT. SHIFT requires a certain degree of driving skill practice in order to progress further into the game, whereas Hot Pursuit can be played by virtually all gamers, though some practice is still required to complete all missions. Also, Hot Pursuit offers many licensed cars from the Chevolet Camaro SS to the million-dollar Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Overall, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit might be a game 2 years old, but it can still compare to the likes of even the newest Burnout-like Most Wanted 2012, with the drive-as-police feature exclusive to Hot Pursuit only.

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