Need For Speed The Run

November 20, 2012
By Chau Herng

Need For Speed The Run is one of the latest entries from last year developed by Blackbox Studios and Electronic Arts.

The Run features Jack Rourke as the main character. Jack Rourke incurred a large debt with the mobs and is unable to repay these debts. As a result, the mobs have Jack captured and attempt to have him killed, but Jack manages to get away. He is one of the world’s best drivers and decides to participate in The Run, a race that starts from San Francisco and ends in New York. Jack will be competing with over 200 other drivers, the best racers ever assembled.

Throughout The Run, players have to drive their machine throughout various types of terrain. The graphics performance is quite impressive due to the Frostbite 2 game engine. However, one flaw consumers have been complaining about is the lack of a free-roam mode. Also, the large number of AI traffic has also been an area of complaint, as players frequently crash into them. The handling for each car, however, is fine-tuned and gives players a feeling of how each car differs greatly in handling characters.

Overall, Need For Speed The Run is a good game with many cars and the refined handling gives the game a sense of realism. However, flaws in terms of the lack of free-roam and bad placement of in-game structures pull it down.

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