New Fingerprint Technology

July 5, 2013
By Bryan Cheong

In the past when criminals commit a crime, they usually wipe their fingerprints away from the crime scene, and this makes the job for the detectives, police a lot harder, now there is a solution to all of that.

Scientist have recently discovered a new technology to catch criminals, this technology enables the people to see the fingerprints left by the criminal even after the criminal wiped a away the evidence. Now villains are easier to catch! Usually the finger leaves behind sweat and natural oil that trace the lines of the fingertips, Amazing right? The way that they do this is using colour-changing fluorescent films that helps to capture latent or hidden prints on knives, guns, bullet casings and more! This breakthrough can help the police to catch the real criminal. This marks another great improvement for the police force as the last great breakthrough was being able to computerize fingerprints.



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