no-one has to die

May 3, 2013
By Yi Peng

No-one has to die is a unique puzzle game. It features five main characters, you, the guest, Christina, Steve, Troy and Lionel. There are many paths in this game and when all of the paths are completed, it ultimately reveals another path. This game is a fairly easy game but the main plot of the story is what attracted me. This game is focused mainly on the story line, so if you skip the plot, the game may not be interesting to you.

Taking place in a factory about to get burned down, the survivors must escape and you are the one who helps them. However, one of them usually die in every level. At every level, there is a fire and you have to choose between two survivors, one of which will die. For the first time I played, I chose by moral consequence and some of the decisions were hard. In then end of every play through, the sole survivor will end the game because they have seen something, and it is always the same thing that ends the play through.

The mechanics of this game is basic and you only have to use your mouse to play. You only have to click on the arrows to show where you want them to move and the doors to lock them. Even though this game is a short one and you can finish it in about an hour, its ending is a real mind-twister. The story line manages to capture and portray the characters very well. The way that this is portrayed is in a chat where all of you are able to connect to.

There are no major flaws in this game, especially since this game is simple in the art style.

Even though this may be a short game, I personally find that the ending is satisfying and enjoyable. Even though the decision between the people are hard, in the end, it does not really make a difference, the ending will still be the same. I recommend that you check out this game and try it for yourself!

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