Operation: Penguins vs Pelicans

July 5, 2013
By Yi Peng

Operation: Penguins vs Pelicans is a shooting, airplane, dog fighting game, MOBA( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. You play as a penguin or pelican in a airplane, in which there are 6 airplanes to choose from at the moment.

Penguins vs Pelicans are divided into two teams, the Penguins and the Pelicans, the basis of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Mothership. In this game, there are turrets on each teams to protect the mothership. You start out with a test ship which you can play with. As soon as you reach 2000 fish oil, which is the currency of the game, you can buy almost every ship. There are 5 ships which requires 2000 fish oil, and one ship which requires 8000 fish oil. If you do not want to spend your time earning the money, you are able to purchase diamonds with real life money.

This game has tight controls, with the keyboard and the mouse. The ‘wasd’ is the basic movement keys, with space for boosting, and the mouse for your weapons. Your ship has two weapons, with the left click and right click mouse button to activate. The left mouse button has a lighter attack while the right mouse button has a heavy attack. They allow you 3 light weapons at level 1 for free and 1 heavy weapon for free.

Your airplane has a shield, and health. The shield is represented by the blue bar, while the health is represented by the red bar. There is also a boost bar, which is a purple bar below both the health and shield bar. The boost is good for escaping from enemies or rushing into combat and the boost also regenerates with time.

The combat is quite fast paced, and exciting, however if you miss, you are usually dead very soon. There are also items which you can buy and are shown in the hot bar at the bottom of the screen.  The items can help change the tide of the battle, from losing to the enemy, to winning them.

When an enemy or ally is killed, you can retrieve pods, which are activated when you hold down the right mouse button. These pods are able to deal a decent amount of damage to the enemies mothership. Therefore, you have to kill the enemies, retriee their pods and use these pods to finish off the enemies mothership.

The graphics for this game is beautiful and stunning. Remember, this game is only a flash game with the use of unity, and the graphics are very impressive.

This game has a bonus to it, the loading screen for games and in between games is a alien invaders like game, however you play as an airplane and are shooting down airplanes. They also reward you with points for it. It also has a ranking system that ranks you with global players around the world. There is also a level system which shows others how high a level you are.

Operation: Penguins vs Pelicans is one of the more creative games to implement MOBA games and shooters to it. Another game similar to this is Smite.

Photo Courtesy of: frequency.com

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