Palisade Guardian 2 – Modern Combat

January 18, 2013
By samuel

Enemies have started to attack the palisade that you are defending. With a armory of weapons, start fighting off the attackers with brute force. After a wave of enemies, you will earn a certain amount of money.There will be a menu where you can use the money to repair the building, purchase a new weapon or upgrade weapons that you own with a ACOG scope, improving your aiming. I really like the effort made by the developer by including a aim down sight animation instead of making a simple game of shooting. Even though the game is a first person shooter, it also have a depth of strategy of managing amount of ammunition left in each gun and to know which guns to use for which enemies. You can also manage on what you want to spend on, whether to spend the money on a new weapon or to repair the Palisade.

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