Rest in Peace, Symbian.

February 15, 2013
By Avinash

This OS was termed by many as the future of mobile computing. People bought them, analysed them, but CRITICISED them (‘them’ equates to phones running on this revolutionary OS). Way before Apple’s iOS gained popularity, it provided a novel user interface which seemed innovative. But towards 2011, it struggled hard to survive. Unfortunately, this OS doesn’t exist anymore. Every update of this OS brought something newfangled. Presenting the best OS for non-touch phones ALL TIME, Symbian..

Symbian came up to the limelight when Nokia bought its parent company and therefore, it’s OS. From that moment in 2008, the Operating System took a major leap and was about to overtake Android as the MOST POPULAR OS. Back during the dawn of the 21st century, around 75% of the world’s population couldn’t conceive that touch phones could really exist. During that period, Symbian was out for the public. People did not believe in mobile OSes, but as time passed by, Symbian introduced newer features at amazingly low prices. Soon, Symbian was present in almost every tech-geek’s handphone. It was then the talk of the town. Easy-to-download mobile apps was its branchild. The UI was refurbished,…. FUTURISTIC! By 2010, Symbian was the top OS on non-touch phones.

MeeGo, epic fail (no offense :P )

Every beginning has an end, they said. And it did apply to this Nokia-owned OS. The downfall began roughly around the November of 2010, when Nokia came up with its first negative report on Symbian, due to lack of support from its main partners, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The Finnish mobile giant then partnered with Microsoft and introduced Windows Phone OS for the first time, the first step to catastrophe. The impact grew larger when developers dropped Symbian as their platform for building apps. The growth rate in the number of apps in the Ovi Store rapidly plunged. Symbian became smaller and smaller every month. Criticism rose to the saturation point. Disaster struck on January the 24th, 2013, when Nokia shutdown the legendary OS, and confirmed that Nokia 808 PureView was the last Symbian phone and Belle was the last version. This proved out to be the last nail in the coffin for the technological breakthrough.

From the bottom of my heart, I put forth my words of condolence for the departed soul. Rest in peace, Symbian.

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