Samsung Ativ S Neo

August 28, 2013
By Bryan Cheong

Samsung is trying hard to fight back against its mobile phone competitors such as Apple and this time it is no exception as it is fighting with its fellow Windows Phone competitors, Nokia and HTC. Unlike its predecessor, the Ativ S Neo has a more squarish shape to it. The brand new Samsung Ativ S features the Windows Phone 8 OS and some of Samsung’s exclusive features such as Ativ Beam. The Samsung Ativ S Neo has a 4.8 inch HD 720p screen and 16GB of default storage space. More space can be utilized by inserting SD cards so this phone will not have a problem installing games that are too large or not having enough space to record videos. This brand new phone from Samsung also supports LTE 4G.

Taking pictures on this phone won’t be a problem for you as it features a 8 megapixels camera though there are quite a number of phones in the market that has a 8 megapixels cameras. Though that they may be the case, Samsung’s camera applications such as Shooting Modes lens and Manga Camera make taking pictures and videos on the Ativ S Neo a great experience. Every single feature in the Windows Phone 8 OS is in this device which means this device can show the true power of the Windows OS. Unlike its Android counterparts and the HTC 8XT, it has a physical home button which may be great for users that always accidentally press their home button while using the phone. Having all these features means it needs to have a good processor and the Samsung Ativ S Neo takes control of a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor and this makes the phone a good multitasking device. Samsung’s smartphones are well-known for being lightweight phones but this phone may be a little heavier than expected, little as in very little. Having a 2000mAh battery, this phone can last 10.8 days for 4G and 13.8 for 3G and for certain people this is definitely enough for a smartphone. Overall, this being a relatively cheap phone, it is great for its price but if you are looking for more solid performance from mobile phones running on Windows Phone 8, i would personally recommend Nokia Lumia phones.

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Photo Courtesy of CNET


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