Samsung Chromebox Series 3

January 16, 2013
By Chau Herng

Google has been making many attempts at trying to implement its Chrome Operating System as a feasible computing device, and despite with Samsung making some rather good-looking Chromebooks with some having designs that look uncannily similar to the Macbook Air, though the Macbook Air is more of a premium computing device and much more powerful when compared to Chromebooks, the Chromebooks did not sell well. Now, Google has also managed to expand its Chrome OS to desktops, with the introduction of the Samsung Chromebox Series 3.

The Google Chrome OS has always been suffering from a major weakness – that is, the computer needs to maintain a constant Internet connection due to it being an almost-entirely Internet-dependent operating system, and that the Chrome OS is not compatible with many applications, and thus is not suitable for general computing purposes. The Chromebox is therefore more suited for libraries, schools and Internet cafes.

The Chromebooks have not sold very well due to high prices and the, as mentioned above, need for constant Internet connections. However, the desktop Chromebox is largely different when compared to laptop Chromebooks. Desktops normally stay put in one area unlike laptops, which are meant for on-the-go use. This therefore, addresses the problem of the lack of an constant Internet connections, as consumers can connect their existing routers to the Chromebox and keep an always-on connection.

The update to the Chromebox has also allowed for better offline support and a real desktop. However, the Chromebox has a small SSD hard disk and is therefore unfeasible if you wish to store large amounts of files and documents.

Overall, the Chromebox is an attractive buy for companies and consumers on a budget, and many would probably find the Chromebox a better choice compared to the rather-underwhelemed Chromebook.

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