Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

February 6, 2013
By Chau Herng

Samsung launched the Galaxy Mini 2 around June last year, and it is aimed primarily at smartphone buyers with very low budgets, thus the Galaxy Mini 2′s price. However, the Galaxy Mini 2 lacks many features to tempt consumers now phones that offer more performance-for-buck, such as the Huawei Ascend G300, and now that the budget end of the smartphone market is so highly populated, the Galaxy Mini 2 has a even lower chance to attract many customers.

The Galaxy Mini 2 has specifications that are more than able to handle basic tasks, but don’t expect any graphics or processor-intensive applications from the Play Store to run on the Galaxy Mini 2. The low resolutions, too, can cause viewing of videos and pictures to be fairly difficult if you expect sharp displays. There are smartphones that can deliver larger pixel densities and larger screens, for example, the 4-inch Huawei G300, which also, as mentioned above is more powerful with  a 1GHz processor.

Galaxy Mini 2′s specifications are not very impressive, with a Android 2.X.X OS and 800 MHz of processing power.

Overall, the Galaxy Mini 2 is good for the average student, but be sure you can’t find a better smartphone for the buck before buying it.

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