March 13, 2013
By samuel

You are a ninja who have been blamed for the death of your master. After 7 years in prison, you have been released as the warlord need your help. While the warlord sent you to kill other warlords, each mission will bring the player closer to the real truth on what happened to your master on that day. Choose from 3 different classes; Warrior, Assassin or Priest. There is a 4th class called the Hunter however he can only be unlocked through the purchase of the expansion pack. The contents or skill tree of the Hunter are unknown. However, I can cover the other 3 classes.

Warrior: These warriors will be able to take a lot of damage from enemies and inflict even more damage against them. Their skill tree is tailor made for players who want to rush into the heart of combat and fight the enemy up close.

Assassin: For players who rather have tools for movement and control when fighting instead of brute force, the assassin is for you. The skills that the assassin can learn all got to do with how fast you can put an enemy down instead of slashing and hoping for the best. However, this means that the assassin class is very fragile and will not be able to take a lot of damage from enemies although you do have tools to help you level the playing field.

Priest: Want to throw energy balls to damage your enemies? The priest is the class for you! The skill tree focuses on striving a balance between attack and defense, with some skills geared for offence and other geared for defence.

Die in a boss battle? Make sure that you read the tip that is given by the developers of the game.

In conclusion, I feel that this is a game that is well done and everyone should be able to enjoy their experience playing this game. Do attempt the game.


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