Snail Bob 4 Space

June 19, 2013
By Yi Peng

The new sequel in the Snail Bob Series is here! Snail Bob 4 is now set in space, with many new additions. However, the basics are still there.

There are many similar things found in this game from the others in the series. You are still able to click on Snail Bob to make him go into his shell, stopping completely. You are able to double the speed of the snail, this only allows the snail to double the speed and not any other things. There are still three stars, you are also able to spin your snail. The three stars which are hidden in every levels, unlocks some special unlockables.

While there are similar things, there are also new things. There are now gravity buttons, when you click the gravity buttons, everything will fly upwards or downwards. The gravity button is really useful and is able to create many new and interesting challenges in this game.

Even though there are some changes, this game is very much the same as before. On the other hand, the puzzles are a tad more challenging and the stars are still as hard to find as ever.

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