January 9, 2013
By Yi Peng

A strategy game with a brand new twist. It is based on a story that aliens are invading but they are in the shape of crystals. The only living thing that can stop them are plants. You play the role of the commander who tries to destroy all the crystals by planting plants.  The units in this strategy game are not able to move at all and there is a unit limit, this brings in many different and new strategies. The enemies will not pause and wait for you, making it very intense.

There are three basic modes for the plant, the plants can either grow, attack or defend.

Growing makes the plant grow thrice faster but the attacks deal very low damage. You can use it to make your plant level up faster. Plants that level up have greater capabilities shown at the bottom.


Attack mode makes the plant grow at the slowest rate but the damage of the plant increases twice. You should only use it if you want that plant to attack since it makes the plant grow very slowly.


The defense does not deal damage to anybody but shields the plant from damage and makes the plant grow twice. However, the downside is that when enemies are attacking you, you will not be able to fight back and just absorb the damage dished out to you.

There is another mode, it shows a lightning sign when a plant is giving another plant power, there will also be a line to show which plant it is connected to which. The further the two plants are from each other, the more power the plant will get. Giving power will make the plant grow even faster, the more links, the faster the plant will grow. However, the plant that is giving energy will not be able to get any energy.

Leveling up your units is the most effective way of combat. It will give you more damage and health, however after every level you have to let your plant grow more to allow it to reach the next level. To make your plant level up with the most effectiveness, you have to try to let a plant remain at the start of the battlefield, this will allow the plant that is getting the energy to get the maximum effectiveness.

Each plant has a cost of 20 coins and will decrease depending on the upgrades you choose. The cost of the plants will go higher if you captured a power well. A power well lets you plant your plants with a one level advantage

This game only allows you to build your units in a certain amount of squares from your plants. This will also add to the difficulty of the game and make it more fast paced and exciting.

The only thing this game could implement to enhance the gaming experience is to add a multiplayer mode in it. We will then be able to play with many other people.

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