November 14, 2012
By Yi Peng

Takeover is a strategy flash game. There are many units in this game and abilities. This game needs you to balance attack and defense, this will make the game very interesting since you have to attack while defending your kingdom from many different enemies. The Artificial Intelligence(AIs) in this game is very smart and will attack other factions in this game, the game has four factions, the Necromancers, the Duchy of Westaria, Crimson Horde and Icedales.

There are two currencies in the game, the gold is for buying units, or buying places that have different effects. The mana is for using spells that you can unlock. The places you can buy are farms, obelisks and mines. The farms allow you to make more units, the obelisk allows you to make more mana and the mines allow you to make more gold.

There are three different types of buildings, a magic tower and a normal building and a fortress. The magic tower allows you to be able to use the special ability of each faction and a special unit. It also gives you bonus mana regeneration. The fortress allows you to spawn the four different basic units. The normal building only allows you to spawn archers or knights.

The basic units for each faction is archers, guards, knights and trebuchets. For the Duchy of Westaria, they have monks if you take over a magic tower. Their special ability is Sign of the Advent which spawns a big golden hero that is able to take a  lot of damage and can deal a lot of damage.

After every time you level up, you will gain two edicts which is a leveling up system in this game, an edict can level any of your upgrades once. Some upgrades need a certain amount of edicts to be spent before you are able to unlock those upgrades.

The guards can be upgraded to swordsmen and to legionaries, they will be able to have shield wall and are able to defend against ranged attacks more effectively.

The archers will become crossbowmen with more damage and health. The knights will become champions and they will move twice as fast and do twice as much damage for the first attack.

The monks come from the magic towers, they are able to heal your units and can be upgraded. The monks will be upgraded into zealots and has no melee penalty.

Besides having upgrades for your units, you are able to upgrade other items like gold at the start. There are many things to upgrade for your units, such as the basic damage for them, the rate of cool down for ultimate spells and other upgrades.

For the other two factions which you are able to control, the Icedale and the Crimson Horde both have similar units. However, some of them are able to have different abilities, like the Crimson Horde does not have extra money at the start but instead gets extra money from taking over kingdoms. The Crimson Horde has assassins instead of monks and the Icedale have rebels who have long spears and extra range.

This game is simple yet fun and enjoyable to play.

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