Tetris Battle on Facebook

March 1, 2013
By zining

Tetris is a familiar game than everyone knows, but do you know that tetris can train you whether are you patient enough the versus to another opponents .

Facebook have one game called ” Tetris Battle” which can battle a opponent whose you unfamiliar with, if you can win the opponent in 3 times non stop , you can move on to another level .

There are 6 types of playing , which is  ” Battle 2 P”,Battle 6 P”,”Sprint 4 P “, “Marathon”,Sprint” and ” Arena”.


Let me explain the 6 types of playing

Battle 2P &Battle 6P

: Knock out/win the opponent as much as possible within 2 minutes

Sprint 4P

: Clear out 40 lines faster than your opponent( Aim to clear out the 40 lines first)


: Complete 15 levels to win the game


:Enter the key in the code to enter the new challenge


:Clear 40 lines s fast as you can

Let click this links to see the video of Tetris Battle



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