The Impossible Quiz

December 12, 2013
By Chia Xin Rui











The Impossible Quiz is a game that tests the way you think. It makes you think very hard before you make any move because you will have to start over if yo u use up your 3 lives. This is fun for those who like to think. The Quiz asks you random questions about anything under the sky and above. The fact that there is always a question to make you think very hard gives you the kick to continue on. Certain questions called “Bomb Questions” give you only 10 seconds to answer and 1 question that gives you only 1.

Some questions are for example:











Other questions are just as random and if you don’t get it right, this happens:











I didn’t manage to finish the game as there were too many questions and that I keep losing lives. But if you want to know how many questions in total, there are 100 plus “The Epic 10″ which makes it 110 questions for you to solve. The last question can possibly make you rage if you used or did not collect any of the… I would have spoiled it for you there if I had told you what happens at the end.

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