Ultimate Assassin 3

November 12, 2012
By Meng Rong

If you like to time travel to the past to kill people, then Ultimate Assassin 3 is the game for you. You can kill people with a speed boost and invisibility to get away from guards. However there is a time limit for the boost and invisibility, and that if you slow down, the boost and invisibility will recharge back.

There are 5 objectives in the game: unhurt, ghost, sleight, hidden and ultimate. Obtaining  the ghost achievement should be easy for most people, unlike the the ultimate achievement, which is tougher than all of the other achievement. If you are a professional at this game, you should try to dodge  the guard’s bullet by using speed boost. Other than completing the whole game, you could also mess around with the guards, which make the game even better.

Photo courtesy of: kongregate.com

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