Xbox 360 E (Xbox 360 with the Xbox One design)

July 19, 2013
By Bryan Cheong

The Xbox 360 E is a redesigned Xbox 360. Though it does not have major changes, those who are on a budget and wants to play Xbox 360 games can buy this console as it is cheaper than the usual Xbox 360 Slim.

The new Xbox has a XBOX logo emblazoned onto it which looks great on the half glossy, half matte finishing of the console. People who used to say that the Xbox 360′s design sucks might be impressed by what Microsoft has brought to the table.

The eject and the power button has been relocated and they are placed beside the disk tray. The improvement of this is to prevent somebody else trying to eject the disk or switching off the Xbox 360 for fun.

The Xbox 360 E as you can see from the photo above has a flat surface and bottom, similar design to the Xbox One and is slightly smaller than The Xbox 360 Slim.

The Kinect input port still remains on the new reincarnation so does the HDMI, Ethernet Port, WIFI. The three 2.0 USB ports from the Xbox 360 Slim has been reduced to two ports sadly. This new Xbox does not support the old AV cable. As this may be Microsoft’s “Budget Xbox” , it also does not feature Optical Out.

The Power Brick that we all know has been made smaller, other than that there are no changes.

The specs of the Xbox 360 E is the same as the Xbox 360 Slim, so this will clear your doubt of the Xbox 360 Slim being more faster and better than the new one.

This new reincarnation is a MUST BUY if you still love the current generation games, if you do not just go and wait for the Xbox One.

The Xbox 360 E comes in 4 GB  and 250 GB configurations, priced at $199.99 and $299.99 respectively.


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