Xbox One will prevent itself from overheating!

August 14, 2013
By Bryan Cheong

Xbox One will be able to prevent itself from overheating says Microsoft’s General Manager, Leo del Castillio. This brand new function was not available in the Xbox 360 previously. The Xbox One would be able to reduce the heat by toning down its power intake and it is so low that it uses virtually no air flow. This will definitely prevent the Xbox One from overheating as the system’s interior already contains fans which will turn up to the max if the Xbox One is overheating too much.

Leo del Castillio said a number of things about how  they were trying to solve the overheating problems and from those lines that he said we can tell how hard Microsoft has been working on the Xbox and its consumers.

Usually people may panic just due the fact that their hardware was overheating and they worry the it will suffer a thermal meltdown. With this new feature coming with the Xbox One, it is another plus for Microsoft and its consumers. Microsoft is really trying very hard to make it up for the consumers and they are trying their best to improve the reputation of the Xbox One.

Though this helps the overheating problem but it does cause another problem though because usually a decrease in power would mean that the performance or gameplay of the console would usually deprove under normal circumstances. del Castillio replied to this problem by saying that the Xbox One would inform the player of the impending problems with a notification.

Overall, I think that this is a great additional feature to the Xbox One though it has its downsides but I think most of the consumers would not be troubled by such problem. By adding this feature, I think the Xbox One much better than its price tag. The Xbox One is definitely to be recommended! Good Job Microsoft!



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